LHV Pank updated equity research on EfTEN Real Estate Fund AS

LHV Pank updated the equity research and price target of EfTEN Real Estate Fund AS (EfTEN; EFT1T) shares. According to the analysis, the new price target for the share is in the range of 19 to 20,1 euros. That is 0,5% to 6,3% above the last closing price at Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange. The previous price target for the EfTEN Real Estate Fund AS shares was set in August 2021.

LHV research points out five main strengths of the EfTEN Real Estate Fund AS: (i) conservative leverage policy, which allows the fund to navigate through rising interest rate environment with ease; (ii) very low vacancy rate (sub 2%); (iii) well property portfolio between different segments; (iv) conservative portfolio valuation policy; (v) solid dividend distribution track record.


The analysis report is available on the website of EfTEN Real Estate Fund AS and LHV Pank Financial Portal.

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