EfTEN Real Estate Fund III AS (founded in 2015) is a public closed alternative investment fund, which invests in cash flow generating commercial properties in Baltic states.

The funds investment strategy is value added and opportunistic. Fund is targeted mainly for retail investors.

EfTEN Real Estate Fund III AS investment region is Baltic States.

The fund is the parent company of the consolidation group. The fund has eight subsidiaries (SPVs), through which the fund owns real estate investments.

Fund structure:



  • Fund name: EfTEN Real Estate Fund III AS
  • Fund type: Public Closed Alternative Investment Fund, which is founded as private limited company. Regulated by Estonian Financial Supervision Authority
  • Fund term: After shares were listed on the exchange, the Fund became termless investment fund
  • Financial leverage: <65%
  • Share issue terms: Share issues are decided at the fund’s General Meetings or by supervisory board. Payment for shares only with cash contributions
  • Share buyback by fund: No share buyback